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Empowering Women through Art, Words and Stories

for HER by Tees-d Inc.

Wear your story

Tees'd Inc. is more than just a tee-shirt. It's a place to wear your story and express yourself through art, words, and stories that celebrate your life. We create tees with designs and graphics that are inspired by the stories of everyday women. With our tees, you can be proud and confident in any situation.

For HER by Tees-d Inc.

All things about HER

Come on in, please have a seat, get comfortable, and talk about all things concerning HER. The good days, bad days, and everything in between. The days when nothing goes right with the kids, when you fall short with the husband, where is the husband? Parenting as a single parent without the support she needs is the most challenging life event. How will she do it by herself? The sleepless nights, followed by the mornings of dread knowing you have to report to the office. No one told you it was going to be this hard.
At Tees'd Inc., we believe in empowering women to tell their stories through art and words. Our family of tees are designed to help women celebrate their lives and express themselves. Our tees are the perfect way to express who you are and tell your story. Whether you're dressing up or down, our tees are the perfect staple for any wardrobe.

for Her by Tees'd Inc.

Everyday Inspiration

Our aim is to bring inspiration to everyday life. Our tees give you the opportunity to proudly express yourself and tell your story. With Tees'd Inc., you can be empowered, inspired, and motivated to be your best self. Our range of tees are perfect for any occasion, giving you the chance to make a statement and celebrate yourself.


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