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for HER by Tees-d Inc.

Welcome home!

It's been a long day, take off your shoes, leave them at the door, slip into a comfy jogging suit or favorite pajamas. Grab a glass of your favorite wine, find your favorite chair to sit in. Put all your troubles and cares aside and join me as we talk about those things that concern you, those things that concern other Women. Relax and enjoy.

For HER by Tees-d Inc.

All things about HER

Come on in, please have a seat, get comfortable, and talk about all things concerning HER. The good days, bad days, and everything in between. The days when nothing goes right with the kids, when you fall short with the husband, where is the husband? Parenting as a single parent without the support she needs is the most challenging life event. How will she do it by herself? The sleepless nights, followed by the mornings of dread knowing you have to report to the office. No one told you it was going to be this hard.
The things no one told you about, like Prince Charming, may be accurate, but he may not be who you get as a life partner. How do you make it work from there? What happens when the kids go off to college? What if they do not want to go to college? What happens when you cannot afford to send them to college? What happens when you need to have those tough talks with them and have no idea where to start?

For HER BY Tees-d Inc.

About Us

You reach into your closet on a Friday morning looking for something different to wear or something sassy for an evening out with friends, only to find the same old dull clothing. We can relate; regardless of how many pieces of clothing you have in your closet, it all seems boring. You think to yourself, how about some easy-to-wear options to add to your wardrobe? Chic yet sassy, a way to express yourself and tell your story but in a Tee-shirt.We created this place where you can shop for your new favorite Tee to add to your wardrobe for days when you need to look sexy yet fashionable, sassy yet expressive. The mission is to create a Tee that allows you to tell your story and wear your style your way.


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